Key Facts

Ownership: 100% Raiden Resources

Status: Licenses granted

Permit Size: 76Km2

Targets: Porphyry / Epithermal and Skarn mineralisation


Project Highlights

• Licenses located adjacent to the RTB Bor's Majdanpek (operating porphyry/epithermal mining operation), and Coka Marin deposit (Epithermal?), mining licenses

• Hosts the Timok Magmatic Complex volcano-sedimentary units which host numerous world class deposits

• Hosts the sedimentary units which hosts Dundee Precious Minerals muti million Oz Carlin Style, Bigar Hill Au deposit, which is located south of the Majdanpek project license boundary

• Government agencies have defined areas of anomalous Cu and Au mineralisation within the license areas.

• Well-developed infrastructure with rail, water and power available within the license area and RTB the Bor’s smelter nearby

Rio Tinto Joint Venture Agreement

In March 2018, the company announced that it had entered into a Joint Venture Agreement wiht Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration limited with respect to the Majdanpek project licenses. For further information please refer to Raiden Resources’ press release.

The Majdanpek project is located in eastern Serbia in a long-lived mining district, with appropriate infrastructure to support large mining projects. The  municipality, including Majdanpek town, comprises a population of approximately 19,000.

Road traffic network is well developed within the exploration area. Railroad Bor-Majdanpek passes through the exploration area.

Figure 1 – Majdanpek project location

Majdanpek Project Geology

The Majdanpek licence comprises volcanics of the Timok Complex overlying Jurassic limestones. This sequence is in faulted contact with Proterozoic Gneiss. Cretaceous andesitic sub-volcanic intrusives are located within the project and locally associated with copper occurrences. Jurassic limestones, as also found at the Majdanpek deposit approximately 4km from the project, occur within the project and are considered prospective for skarn-type mineralization.

The Majdanpek deposit and mine is regionally significant and comprises a complex of several types of mineralization formed in multistage processes: dominant porphyry copper-gold mineralization with molybdenite, massive sulphide, pyrite bodies, skarnmagnetite and hydrothermal Pb-Zn sulphides in the form of massive-metasomatic bodies and ore veins (Jelenkovic et al., 2016).

The project is in close proximity to a significant porphyry-copper deposit, and contains the same broad host-rocks to mineralization (volcanics, sub-volcanic intrusives, carbonates). The carbonate-bearing lithologies are considered prospective for skarn-type deposits and the volcanics for porphyry and epithermal Cu-Au.

Figure 2 - Majdanpek deposit which is located adjacent to Raiden’s licenses

Figure 3 – Majdanpek project geology. Majdanpek West license (Black outline); Majdanpek Pojas license (yellow)

Figure 4 - Majdanpek project and nearby deposits/prospects