Key Facts

Ownership: 100% Raiden Resources

Status: Applications pending

Permit Size: Approximatel 35Km2

Targets: Porphyry / Epithermal and Skarn mineralisation


Project Highlights

• License applications are located in the heart of Serbia’s mining centre and within one of the largest Cu-Au production centres in Eastern Europe

• License applications are adjacent to several porphyry and epithermal deposits which are in operation

• Well-developed infrastructure with rail, water and power available with in the license application area and RTB the Bor’s OR smelter within a few kilometres of the license applications

• Targeting blind porphyry deposits and epithermal and skarn style mineralisation associated with known porphyry deposits

The Bor project is located in eastern Serbia. A well-developed road network exists within the project area with key transport routes between Bor-Majdanpek and Bor-Zaječar-Negotin. The railway Bor-Majdanpek transits through the application areas. The project is located in adjacent to RTB Bor’s mining oncessions where the smelter is also located.

Figure 1 – Bor project (applications) location within the Timok Magmatic Complex

Bor Project Geology

The Bor project tenements transgresses the prospective suite of andesitic volcanics and intrusives which host the regionally significant Bor mining complex. The western tenements are almost wholly comprised of Cretaceous volcanics with lesser clastic sedimentary lithologies and are considered prospective for porphyry and epithermal Cu-Au mineralization. The north-eastern tenement, ‘Veliki Krivelj East, comprises limestone in structural contact with volcanics, indicative of potential prospectivity for skarn-type mineralization.

The copper-gold deposits of the Bor mining field are dominated by smaller high-grade deposits (high-sulphidation epithermal) in the near-surface, and deeper porphyry copper-gold deposits several magnitudeslarger in tonnage but at significantly lower copper and gold grades.

Three mines are active in the Bor Mining complex, two open cut mines, one producing at approximately 10-15Mt ore/y and the other on care-and-maintenance (RTB Bor, 2017). The underground mine at Bor, Jama Mine, accesses the Borska Reka porphyry deposit, which has a length of approximately 1,000m and a width of 500m (Petrovic et al., 2012). The smaller, high-grade epithermal deposits were mined via open-cut and selective underground methods.

Figure 2 - Bor applications and geology

Figure 3 Longitudinal projection of the Bor Porphyry & Epithermal Cu-Au deposit and cross-section through the Cukaru Peki Epithermal deposit (Reservoir Minerals, 2014). Raiden Resources will be targeting similar styles of mineralisation

Figure 4 - Bor project applications in relation to the exiting RTB Bor mining operations (view towards East).